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So I got mah Die Hard dvd in the mail long while ago and forgot to post about. Lol I need a life. But seriously, I have not left that thing alone since I got it. It's his fault.

Hans in black & white

I'm not kidding I really need a life. So like, I'm 23 right? What the actual hell. By the way, this pic is my wallpaper right now. THERE IS NO HOPE. I'm in love with this dude. I wish he hadn't died in the end. That is the way I am with nearly all villains, mostly the male ones (Why did Gaston have to die? They could have put him in a nut house or something. Did they really need to kill him? Really?) But I digress. He is the reason I got crazy recently. Hans Gruber, please take me hostage. I promise I won't fight you. Do what you want >:D

I mean I can't stop thinking about him. That makes me feel weird.(But also goood!) I want to do a video of him, just fo myself really, just to get some shit out XD Or maybe I'll write somethin. I just love him in this movie so much. He is too pretty.

Die Hard

Jan. 5th, 2011 12:48 pm
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So I hadn't watched Die Hard in a very long time, it was cool to see it on Spike recently even though it was censored. Bought it on Dvd from Amazon.com recently! I'm so excited. What kills me tho is that I didn't buy it a long time ago. I mean I have Robocop but not Die Hard??!! Oh well. I'm gettin it now yippie!! 

I got a used disk, on Amazon Dvds can be ridiculously cheap, especially used ones. Mine was I believe 69 cents with shipping and handling. I went to a dvd review site beforehand, and I think the one I saw was a THX optimized one that came out in 1999. The review said that everything was great on the disk, so I got that one. I'm happy with the choice, because I like this dvd art the best.

In my opinion the cover art on the top is way better than what's on the bottom. The bottom one pretty much sucks actually. I wouldn't buy that I don't think just because of the art. Ok maybe if it was a great picture/sound I would. I'm really excited, the THX one is supposed to have really great picture and sound. :D

Then, once I get it I'll probably do a few vids. Been seeing some Hans Gruber ones on Youtube XD I'll take a crack at it.  I woulda been fine with it if Hans blew everybody up in the end.


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