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So I got mah Die Hard dvd in the mail long while ago and forgot to post about. Lol I need a life. But seriously, I have not left that thing alone since I got it. It's his fault.

Hans in black & white

I'm not kidding I really need a life. So like, I'm 23 right? What the actual hell. By the way, this pic is my wallpaper right now. THERE IS NO HOPE. I'm in love with this dude. I wish he hadn't died in the end. That is the way I am with nearly all villains, mostly the male ones (Why did Gaston have to die? They could have put him in a nut house or something. Did they really need to kill him? Really?) But I digress. He is the reason I got crazy recently. Hans Gruber, please take me hostage. I promise I won't fight you. Do what you want >:D

I mean I can't stop thinking about him. That makes me feel weird.(But also goood!) I want to do a video of him, just fo myself really, just to get some shit out XD Or maybe I'll write somethin. I just love him in this movie so much. He is too pretty.


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